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Then Get READY to Read
ParentSmart KidHappy Books

ParentSmart KidHappy books are the ONLY parenting books designed for parents and kids to share. Tender stories, relatable scenarios and color-coded text make learning the language of positive parenting easy.

As parents and kids read the ParentSmart KidHappy together, parents learn how to get through stressful parenting moments more smoothly and kids enjoy the stories and learn from the realistic and positive family interactions depicted.

Parents who read ParentSmart KidHappy books will:
  • Discover how to avoid power struggles (blue text)
  • Realize the power of validating kids' feelings (green text)
  • Learn how to foster self-esteem (red text)
  • Teach kids how to problem solve (purple text) 

Positive parenting techniques not only help families through everyday challenges with less stress and struggle, they also build children’s confidence, social skills and emotional intelligence.

Endorsed by renown parenting experts, ParentSmart KidHappy books are written by a mom who wanted to learn how to talk to her children but didn't have time to read 400+ page parenting books and translate theories into actual language.

Are you READY to teach your kids...

How to solve their own problems?
How to care about others' feelings?
How to make independent decisions?
How to feel good about themselves?